Melaleuca’s New Weight Loss Guide Teaches Easy-to-Follow Plan, Helps People Shed Thousands of Pounds

Melaleuca’s New Weight Loss Guide Teaches Easy-to-Follow Plan

Excess fat touches more than just your waistband. It also affects your self-confidence, productivity, mobility, health and life expectancy. To encourage people to start a journey toward achieving their ideal weight, Melaleuca: The Wellness Company® created a step-by-step guide that walks them through a time-tested process that gets results.

mnewsVitality: Simple Steps to Your Ideal Weight outlines the guiding principles that lead to weight loss, while providing the necessary strategies, template plans, health trackers and tools for people to create their own plan for success. It teaches the right way to slim down and have lasting success, rather than focusing on a particular fad or crash diet.

“Our mission of enhancing lives drives us to help people live without excess weight and debilitating illness, so they can experience an abundance of energy, be active in their family’s lives and fully enjoy their golden years,” said Melaleuca President McKay Christensen. “This is a powerful tool that clearly shows how to control your weight and become healthier. It’s been invigorating to hear so many success stories from people who are using it to transform their body and add quality to their years.”

Launched in January 2013, the Vitality guide is producing exciting results for Melaleuca customers. More than 1,000 people volunteered to take part in a weight-loss contest, and reports show they have lost over 4,000 pounds with four weeks to go. They are living proof that following the Vitality guide will send the scale numbers in the right direction: down.

The Vitality guide begins by asking people to undergo a self-assessment and know their numbers regarding weight loss, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, cardiovascular health and metabolic syndrome/prediabetes. It sets up participants to not only monitor their weight-loss goals but also improve other key numbers that give a general health picture.

Using a straightforward, four-step approach to weight loss, the Vitality guide’s path is to eat smart, get active, take Vitality for Life® supplements and stay accountable.

Eat Smart

The guide explains the importance of one critical number: your daily calorie limit. The universal truth to losing weight is consuming fewer calories than you burn, which can be achieved by eating less, exercising more, or both, but weight loss cannot happen unless there is a “calorie deficit.” Melaleuca’s approach is to encourage individuals to wisely choose their calories and switch from three large meals a day to three small meals and two snacks.

Melaleuca recommends replacing one or two snacks or meals a day with Attain® GC Control™ to maintain healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day, drink one serving of FiberWise before dinner and eat an Access® Bar before exercising each day to switch on your body’s ability to burn fat.

Get Active

Doctors recommend exercising 45 to 60 minutes a day. Selecting an enjoyable activity, slowly building up your endurance and scheduling a workout time on your calendar are proven tips for incorporating more physical activity into your day.

Take Vitality

Because a modern diet – even a healthy one – may not offer all the nutrition you need, it’s essential to take supplements. By taking Melaleuca’s Vitality Pack® powered by Oligo® technology, people receive the core nutritional supplementation they need. Designed to make the most of your efforts, other Melaleuca products replenish electrolytes, promote muscle recovery and burn fat. They block cholesterol absorption, promote healthy triglyceride and blood pressure levels, and balance blood sugar to prevent prediabetes.

Stay Accountable

When you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a hard-fought weight loss, willpower alone often isn’t enough to keep you on track. It’s important to start with small, attainable goals, track what you eat and chart how much you exercise. It also helps to team up with somebody who keeps you going when your willpower breaks down and to reward your accomplishments. Constant accountability is a key to long-term success.

“When you first begin, it’s easy to look around and feel like you haven’t made much progress,” said Christensen. “But remember, it takes a while. This journey is about progress, not perfection. Don’t judge yourself by numbers but by behaviors. Every day that you make an effort toward living a healthier life is a day worth celebrating.”

Melaleuca preferred customers can purchase the Vitality guide for $1.99 by visiting or calling 1-800-282-3000. A free digital copy is available for download at

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