Taiwanese visitors see snow for the first time

CBS KIDK Local News 8 | Jennifer McGraw |

For these Taiwanese visitors, there were a whole lot of first times today.

“I like the snow,” says Angela Chiang.

“We have horse riding, and take a helicopter,” says Liu.

“Snow motorcycle, and the horse, and the helicopter,” says Chiang.

“It’s fun for me to have them come here and visit and it’s fun to go over there. They are so excited about life and about business in general about our product line for sure,” says Frank Vandersloot, CEO of Melaleuca.

Those sales last year made this trip possible for 21 successful members of the Melaleuca team.

“It’s something that they work for every year,” says Vandersloot.

“Our mission is to try to help people to reach their goal,” say Liu.

Taiwan is one of the largest profit margins for Melaleuca and one that continues to grow.

“One out of every 42 homes in Taiwan is a Melaleuca preferred customer and that means they buy from us every single month,” says Vandersloot.

Even with the helicopter rides, snow mobiles, and horse buggies, the big rig was the all time favorite.

“These people have grown up and lived their entire life in Taiwan, they’ve never seen snow before, they’ve never ridden a snow machine before, they’ve never touched a cow before, so these are all kind of new experiences for them,” says Vandersloot.

“Yes a very nice vacation,” says Chiang.

“Thank you,” says Liu.