Public Gets First Look at Melaleuca’s New Global Headquarters

Local News 8 has posted a TV news segment about Melaleuca’s new Global Headquarters, which was officially unveiled to the public on March 16. Members of the media, as well as members of the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce, were welcomed at the open house by Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot.

Melaleuca’s Global Headquarters is an expansive 350,000-square-foot building that travelers on Interstate 15 have watched go up over the past two years. The facility is situated on a 195-acre campus just south of Idaho Falls, and it will serve as the workplace for the majority of Melaleuca employees based in the region.

Prior to this new home office being completed, Melaleuca employees were spread out among eight different facilities in and around the Idaho Falls area. This new facility brings employees together. The building is capable of holding three times as many people without having to be expanded.

The new corporate headquarters was constructed from the ground up, marking a departure from the traditional way Melaleuca has acquired office space. Until now, Melaleuca has always renovated and moved into existing vacant buildings in the Idaho Falls area.

Despite this being a completely new structure, it was paid for entirely with cash, as was all the state-of-the-art equipment inside it. Melaleuca’s policy has always been to do business without accruing any debt.

Melaleuca’s new facility contains four levels of office space, a fitness center, a restaurant, broadcast and production studios, research and development laboratories, a 1,700-seat events center and plenty of room to grow.

The office interior is replete with artwork, sculptures and custom woodwork, and the heart of the building is highlighted by a grand staircase, two stone fireplaces and a three-story atrium.

The full Local New 8 article can be found here.