Product Innovations Announced at Melaleuca Convention

New Melaleuca products announced 2023

Melaleuca hosted their annual convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, from May 4 to 6, 2023. Each year, thousands of Melaleuca customers and business builders gather to the city’s Salt Palace Convention Center to participate in workshops, learn more about Melaleuca products, network with other customers and more!

Melaleuca business builders, called Marketing Executives, are those customers who refer others to the company and receive a commission on those referrals’ purchases. Marketing Executives are key to Melaleuca’s word-of-mouth advertising, and convention offers learning opportunities for these business builders.

Tall white man standing in front of the audience at Melaleuca convention center for melaleuca convention in 2023

Convention participants had the opportunity to hear from Melaleuca executive chairman Frank VanderSloot, CEO Jerry Felton, vice president of sales Darrin Johnson and others. Attendees consider convention a can’t-miss event for all things Melaleuca.

“We experienced what only a Melaleuca Convention can offer: hope, belief, camaraderie, learning, reflection, and an environment where decisions are made that change lives,” said Melaleuca CEO Jerry Felton.

Convention attendees are also often the first to hear new product announcements, and this year’s convention did not disappoint. This year’s announcements showcased a variety of product updates – such as protein powder, dishwasher detergent and cosmetics – as well as all-new products.

Here’s a look at some of those announcements:

Perhaps the biggest announcement of Convention 2023 was the introduction of Vitality for Life Collagen Boost, a completely brand-new daily supplement that offers unmatched, world-class collagen support. It does this by stimulating chondrocytes and fibroblasts in the body to improve the firmness of skin and increase strength in joints.

The company’s ProFlex20 and Vitality Elevate protein powders and Sustain Sport line received new branding and formulation updates. Now Melaleuca customers can choose either Proflex or Proflex Pro for their protein needs to help improve physical performance and maintain muscle mass.

The new Sustain line now addresses workouts with a three-phase approach, featuring three different products for performance support before, during, and after workouts.

The company’s skin care, cosmetics and salon-quality hare care brand, Sei Bella, now offers a full acne-fighting lineup with Clarity Clear Skin Solutions backed by clinical research.

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All of these product innovations complemented the announcements made in January 2023 at Melaleuca’s Launch event.

At that time, Melaleuca unveiled Riverbend Ranch Black Label Beef and Riverbend Ranch Premium Spice Blends. The company also released a variety of new products to fight the signs of aging under the eyes, where the skin is the thinnest, and introduced new FiberWise fiber supplement flavors and a reformulated version of this popular product. It finished by introducing the all-new Koala Pals Shakeables nutrition drink to help children get the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients they need. You can read about those updates here.

With Melaleuca, there is always more to discover!