Melaleuca up $28-million in sales

Melaleuca Newsroom

The opening of the newly-renovated Melaleuca store kicked off the celebration for a great year.

"This has been a great history for us to be here and we believe in the future of Idaho Falls," says Frank Vandersloot, CEO of Melaleuca.

In a year where businesses were shutting down and the economy plunged to its lowest, Melaleuca helped the surrounding area by generating local revenue and jobs.

"In these tough economic times you've got a lot of things working against you and our people have continued with all our diligence and hard work and faith in us and faith in our product line," says Vandersloot.

Even when the value of foreign currency dropped, Melaleuca prevailed and over 35 percent of sales were from overseas.

"That says a lot for the resilience for our people both internally and in the field and it says a heck of a lot for our product line," he adds.

"On behalf of the city of Idaho Falls and our communities I'd like to thank you for all your effort, for your employees, and all you do for us," says Mayor Jared Furhiman of Idaho Falls.

"I think our people have done a really good job and we appreciate the citizens in this community for all the support over the years making us feel welcome and apart of the community and it has been really really nice," says Vandersloot.

The revenue that Melaleuca has received is a huge benefit for Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas.

If you would like to shop in their stores you must find one of their customers and get a referral.

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