Melaleuca Strategies Recognized in National Media Outlets

Melaleuca Essential Oil Blend product being manufactured

Melaleuca: The Wellness Company has been acknowledged in national media before; it was on Forbes’ list of America’s Best Employers four years in a row. But Melaleuca has received other media attention. In the second quarter, the company has been recognized in three media outlets for its commitment to American manufacturing, exceptional product philosophy and innovative e-commerce strategy.

The company’s support of American businesses has earned Melaleuca a reputation for being an exemplary American company. Its seven product considerations for product development have enabled it to create superior products. And Melaleuca’s e-commerce strategy has enabled the company to stay ahead of the curve and better serve its customers.

Commitment to American Manufacturing

Melaleuca was recognized by The Week for its support of American businesses and American manufacturing. Many US consumers are looking to buy products from American companies and, whenever possible, products made in the US. Nearly 70% of Americans prefer to buy products labeled “Made in the USA.”

The article states that Melaleuca understands what American consumers want and is committed to maintaining operations and product development in the United States. All of the Melaleuca call centers are in the US, and the company’s use of vertical integration means that it relies very little on third-party vendors and suppliers.

Melaleuca is also committed to supporting the US economy. “American manufacturing adds almost $2.5 trillion to the US economy,” reports the article, which accounts for “11% of the US GDP.” Melaleuca is proud to be part of that statistic, to manufacture high-quality American-made products, and to provide well-paying jobs for American workers.

Melaleuca supports American workers and American businesses and encourages US consumers to do the same. By utilizing best practices and going the extra mile to support American business, Melaleuca sets itself apart from the competition.

Melaleuca’s Product Philosophy

A popular technology blog named recognized Melaleuca for its product philosophy and high standards for product selection and manufacturing. In this modern world, more consumers are seeking out safer and cleaner alternatives to the products within their homes. And with so many products to choose from in stores and especially online, it can be difficult to know which products truly are superior.

The article highlights Melaleuca’s “seven considerations” that guide the company’s product development: (1) products must align with Melaleuca’s mission statement, (2) products must be distinguishable from competition, (3) products must have better prices when formulas are regulated, (4) products must have competitive pricing generally, (5) products must have sustained demand and not be fleeting trends, (6) products are protected with patents when possible, and (7) Melaleuca seeks to have control over production process.

The journalist also points out that these seven principles have guided Melaleuca’s product development for decades and have enabled the company to remain a top provider of superior health and wellness products.

e-Commerce and Fast Home Delivery

Melaleuca’s purchase of a Harley-Davidson warehouse in Kansas City, Missouri, and its conversion into a distribution center was featured in the online business magazine Grit Daily.

The reporter explores how e-commerce is in full swing and how companies are having to buy up or build warehouse space to store their products and meet demand. He connects the dots and shows how Melaleuca is one of these companies that is focusing on shipping strategies amid this wave of online purchasing.

The new Kansas City distribution center has decreased shipping times for many Melaleuca customers and has been an economic benefit to the Kansas City area.

Melaleuca is no stranger to e-commerce. For most of the company’s history, its products have been sold directly to customers through the Melaleuca website. It’s no surprise that nowadays most Americans prefer shopping online — in the last five years, e-commerce has increased 140% — but Melaleuca was getting into e-commerce long before it became an everyday concept.

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