Melaleuca Says New Patent Will Result in Hundreds of New Jobs in Idaho Falls

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In their 27 year history, Melaleuca has made an impact on the eastern Idaho community. They provide hundreds of jobs and that number will soon make a significant increase.

Wednesday morning the company announced a major new development that they believe will lead to hundreds of new jobs in Idaho Falls.

The Oligo technology was first introduced at Melaleuca’s national convention in Minneapolis back in 2008. Developers at Melaleuca were so confident in their product that they began selling it almost immediately.

According to the company, the technology makes minerals more absorbable in the body and cuts down on the development of free radicals that often accommodate traditional supplements. They say the Oligo process is similar to how plants receive minerals in nature.

The patent protects Melaleuca from its competitors and it also allows the company to expand their operations in Idaho Falls.

“This is the most important discovery and most important advancement that we’ve made in our history by several times over,” said Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot. “We’ve had great discoveries in the past. We’ve had patents in the past. We own several patents but no patent that can have this kind of impact on world health.”

Oligo products have already brought in over $400 million in sales to the Idaho Falls based company and that number is expected to multiply once production begins at their new facility next year.

“It’s certainly a big boon to Melaleuca, it’s a big boon to Idaho Falls, it’s a big boon to Idaho,” said VanderSloot. “When P.T. Farnsworth invented television and Rigby is laying claim to his birthplace, it never really came back and affected Idaho all that much. Sometimes inventions don’t because we don’t manufacture televisions here, anywhere in this state. This is a patent that will have a big impact on this state.”

The manufacturing facility will be located south of York Road in Bonneville County. You can find more information about Melaleuca at this link.

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