Melaleuca Receives Susan B. Anthony Award for Commitment to Women in the Workplace

Jamie Reynolds Melaleuca VP of Human Resources accepting awarded

Melaleuca’s continued commitment to women in the workplace has earned the company a prestigious honor. The company recently received the Susan B. Anthony Award from the Alturas Institute, which recognizes Melaleuca for its exceptional dedication to advancing women’s careers and promoting a supportive work environment through its various initiatives and policies. Whether it’s offering innovative part-time work schedules or dedicating parking spaces for expecting mothers, Melaleuca is committed to being a champion for women.

Dr. David Adler, president of the Alturas Institute, praised Melaleuca for supporting women in their professional and personal growth. He encouraged other companies to emulate Melaleuca’s efforts and do more to promote better work environments for women.

The company offers several perks and services, such as a free concierge service called Frank’s Errands, to help working mothers at headquarters strike a healthy work-life balance. The concierges are available to run errands for Team Members during the workday, from grocery shopping to dropping off and picking up a car to be serviced. Additionally, Melaleuca provides expectant mothers with dedicated parking spaces and mothers lounges in all of its facilities, ensuring a comfortable and private space for breast pumping breaks.

Melaleuca has also created more female entrepreneurs in the United States than almost any other business in the United States. Through its revenue-sharing model, the company pays families and individuals for referring others to become customers with Melaleuca. This model has paid out more than $7 billion since the company’s founding in 1985, enhancing the lives of many women and their families around the world.

Most of these referrers, called Marketing Executives, are women and mothers. Through Melaleuca, these amazing women have dug their families out of debt, paid for their children’s schooling, and paid off mortgages. Many of them have become exceptional business leaders in their teams and exemplars to all Melaleuca Marketing Executives. And many of these women speak at conferences, lead workshops and share their success stories with both men and women who are also seeking to better their lives. There is no way to truly quantify the enormous and uplifting impact Melaleuca has had on these women and their families.

Melaleuca CEO Jerry Felton loves that Melaleuca enhances the lives of working mothers: “We recognize that working mothers have unique challenges in balancing their responsibilities at work and at home. Our programs and perks at Melaleuca are designed to support and empower them to succeed in both areas. We strive to create a work environment that meets the needs of working mothers. We’re proud to be making a real difference in the lives of our Team Members and their families.”

Melaleuca recognizes the importance of work-life balance, especially for women who want to prioritize their families. To address this, the company offers a variety of part-time schedules, including the Hotshot program, which allows employees to work only 3-5 days a month. This flexibility allows many women to have a foot in the door until they decide to fully dedicate their time and focus to their families or transition to a more permanent work arrangement that aligns with their changing priorities.

Melaleuca also offers various part-time shifts catering to mothers who must drop off and pick up their children at school.

Jaime Reynolds, Vice President of Human Resources, accepted the award at the Alturas Institute’s inspiring event Conversations with Exceptional Women. Reflecting on the award, Reynolds said, “Our commitment to supporting women is magnificent. And our dedication is rooted in our belief that enhancing lives means women deserve equal opportunities to thrive in all aspects of life. This reaffirms our commitment to creating a culture of respect and empowerment at Melaleuca.”

Melaleuca’s dedication to supporting women is apparent in its range of initiatives focused on providing flexibility, support and entrepreneurial success. The company’s efforts to offer innovative part-time schedules and promote work-life balance are proof of its commitment to enhancing the lives of women in and out of the workforce.

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