Melaleuca Launches Free Wellness Magazine to Help People Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Melaleuca Launches Free Wellness Magazine to Help People Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Whether it’s learning how to slim their waistline, know their numbers or boost their metabolism, people want to improve their health. It’s one reason why Melaleuca: The Wellness Company® recently launched a brand-new health and wellness magazine, Vitality For Life.

Melaleuca’s free educational magazine teaches well-researched, time-tested, foundational principles for living a more vibrant lifestyle, while showing that small and simple decisions add up to a better bill of health. Published every other month, this full-color glossy offers inspirational stories, expert support and advice that readers want in their quest to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Offering a holistic view about wellness, Vitality For Life aims to help readers: (1) eat smart, (2) get active, (3) stay accountable and (4) ensure proper nutrition.  Readers of the first issue, for example, found informative articles about exercise intensity, the benefits of walking, nutritious recipes and how to eat smaller meals more frequently to achieve weight loss.

Vitality For Life is just the latest demonstration of Melaleuca’s commitment to helping people reach their physical wellness goals by turning aspiration into reality. With 28 years of health-related research and science under their belt, Melaleuca’s respected scientists and health experts teamed up with a talented production staff to produce this aesthetic, insightful publication.

“This magazine is designed to be like a friend who supports and encourages you through every step of your wellness journey,” said Melaleuca President McKay Christensen. “By putting this information into practice, you will experience more energy and improve your health. It will definitely preserve many years of life and possibly save a few lives.”

The pages are packed with practical information and simple tips that can be easily applied:

  • Delicious recipes you can make in minutes
  • Specific exercises to target trouble spots
  • Advice from fitness and wellness experts
  • The latest health and fitness news and research findings
  • Peer-to-peer encouragement from readers

The inaugural publication contained an exciting weight-loss contest, calling readers to commit to lose 10 percent of their weight before April 15 to qualify for support and rewards from Melaleuca.

Launched with more than 300,000 hard copies in January 2013, the complementary magazine is shipped across the country to Melaleuca customers and is available online for everyone at The website includes multi-media features and more content.

Melaleuca has plans to launch the magazine in several different languages within the coming months. The magazine is responsibly printed on recycled paper using vegetable-based, Enviro/Tech® ink.

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