Melaleuca Enjoys Its Best Growth Month in History

New Melaleuca Customers Could Fill 5 Super Bowls

Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot recently announced that over 130,000 new customers joined Melaleuca in January. That number signifies the single-most successful growth month in the company’s 30-year history.

VanderSloot took to Twitter to share the news:

To illustrate the number of new customers who began shopping with Melaleuca in January, the company pointed out the following statistics:

  • On average, Melaleuca welcomed a new customer every 20 seconds during the month of January
  • The number of people introduced to Melaleuca products in January is more than the population of Tampa or Pittsburgh*
  • If the boxes of Melaleuca products sent to new customers in January were stacked on top of one another, the stack would be over 3 times higher than Mount Everest
  • The number of new customers who joined Melaleuca in January could fill the football stadium hosting Sunday’s big game almost 2 times over

Last month was Melaleuca’s best start to a year on record thanks largely in part to several new wellness products the company launched at the beginning of the New Year. Highlights include a line of gourmet coffee called Mountain Cabin™ Premium Coffee and Safe & Mighty™ Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

The amount of products shipped to customers since the beginning of the year has far exceeded Melaleuca’s loftiest expectations. In fact, product orders were so high during the month of January that facilities were required to run day and night to keep up with demand.

Melaleuca now manufactures and sells 480 different wellness products, including nutritional supplements, non-toxic cleaners, and personal care products. The company believes its record growth is evidence that more and more consumers want superior, safer products for their homes and families, as well as the conveniences of online shopping and home delivery.

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* 130,000 x 2.8 persons per household

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