Melaleuca Donates $50,000 to Buy Rifle-Grade Bullet Proof Vests For Law Enforcement

two officers in new bullet proof vests

The law enforcement community is safer today thanks to a $50,000 donation from Melaleuca, Inc. As part of The Wellness Company’s longstanding support for our heroes, this gift protects our protectors by outfitting them with the best body armor available.

As a result, many patrol deputies from the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) received state-of-the-art bullet-proof vests capable of withstanding multiple hits from high-caliber rifles and firearms. The new vests and ballistic helmets are a significant improvement to the BCSO’s current soft armor vests that are created to stop pistol rounds. Because the new vests are designed to be comfortably worn all day, deputies will no longer need to run to their trunks when confronted by high firepower or escalating situations.

“Every member of the law enforcement community deserves to return home safely to their loved ones at the end of the day,” Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot said. “Their jobs are tough enough without having the best equipment in their hands. It’s the least we could do to make it available to them.”

The new lightweight armor replaces bulky vests and gives police officers a higher level of safety, comfort, and versatility than traditional bullet-proof vests. The new vests contain plates that slip inside Kevlar pouches, providing maximum protection while only weighing a few pounds.

Deputy holding plate that slips inside a Kevlar pouch.

“The safety of our team is always on my mind, and this protective gear from Melaleuca empowers our officers to be more safe, comfortable, and confident in extreme situations,” said Bonneville County Sheriff Sam Hulse. “This is the best life-saving tactical gear on the market, and Melaleuca’s remarkable contribution shows strong support for the entire police family.”

three officers in new bulletproof vests

The high-tech body armor was gifted to the officers in February 2022 after it was custom fit for each of the deputies by the manufacturer. Receipt of the rifle-grade bullet proof vests was celebrated by Melaleuca’s management team, law enforcement officers and their families, community leaders and citizens throughout southeast Idaho.

Melaleuca Supports Law Enforcement, First Responders

Throughout its history, Melaleuca has donated money, equipment, supplies, products, land, and even rent-free facilities to firefighters, law enforcement officers, U.S. military personnel, and veterans. Melaleuca supports law enforcement, because these men and women are working to create safer communities. These heroes deserve to be protected.

Melaleuca Lights up Global Headquarters in Blue to Support Law Enforcement

In recognition of Melaleuca’s longstanding support for police and First Responders, Melaleuca The Wellness Company has received numerous honors, including the Idaho Falls Police Community Partner Award and the American Red Cross Corporate Partner of the Year award.

Melaleuca is a founding member of the Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation, recently sponsoring a two-day mental health wellness workshop for Idaho’s law enforcement officers and their families.

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