Melaleuca CEO surprises employees with $4.7 million in “Hero Bonuses,” “Beyond the Call of Duty Bonuses,” and “Longevity Bonuses”

Melaleuca: The Wellness Company Founder Frank VanderSloot

Employee rewards run deep at Melaleuca. This was on full display at the company’s recognition meeting today when Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot paid more than $4.7 million in special bonuses to over 2,000 employees.

To the surprise and delight of Melaleuca’s workforce, Frank announced that over 2,000 employees would receive unexpected Hero Bonuses of up to $1,500 in their next check. In all, the Hero Bonuses total approximately $2 million.

The up to $750 Beyond the Call of Duty Bonus honors employees’ ingenuity, determination, and drive that kept Melaleuca wellness products flowing throughout quarantine and the pandemic. Employees in Melaleuca warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers will receive this bonus.

Various hourly employees and some salaried employees will receive up to $750 as recognition of individual accomplishments, dedication, and sacrifice in supporting the company’s growth during the pandemic. Many employees will receive both the Beyond the Call of Duty and Hero Bonuses, totaling up to $1,500.

“What you did was simply amazing,” said Frank during the employee meeting. “Throughout the entire pandemic, over the last 18 months, Melaleuca manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing operations never missed a single day. Not one order was late! I brag about what you did wherever I go across the country. I talk about what you did, how you did it, how you kept us going. I’m so proud of your accomplishments, and I’m grateful that you came to work every day and overcame challenges that nobody has ever seen before! While other companies all around the country were closing down, Melaleuca kept going. And, in addition, we kept everybody safe. Because you carefully followed our safety precautions, our employees were protected while they were at work. I am so proud of you!”

Loyalty and Long-Term Contribution Bonus

In addition to announcing approximately $2 million in these unexpected Hero Bonuses, Melaleuca celebrated 210 employees who reached landmark work anniversaries this year by rewarding them with over $2.7 million. Each of these employees was given a check ranging from $5,000 to $33,000 in appreciation for their many years of loyalty to Melaleuca’s mission of enhancing lives.

This year, Melaleuca’s payout of its unique Loyalty and Long-Term Contribution Bonus was the largest it has ever been at $2,700,875.

This program pays employees $5,000 for a five-year service anniversary, $10,000 at 10 years, $15,000 at 15 years, $33,000 ($20,000 net) for 20 years, $25,000 for 25 years, and $30,000 for 30 years. It is for all full- and part-time employees, regardless of position or pay level. An employee’s length of service is the only qualification.

This year, 16 employees earned $30,000 checks, 10 employees opened $25,000 checks, 11 employees received $33,000 ($20,000 net) checks, and 61 employees earned $15,000 checks. Melaleuca also presented $10,000 checks to 32 employees and $5,000 checks to 80 employees.

“It’s gratifying to realize how many people are spending their entire careers and going through life with us,” Frank said. “We believe that employees who have helped us build Melaleuca should share in the wealth.”

Over $32 million paid to date through Longevity Bonuses

In total, The Wellness Company has paid $32,927,421 in Loyalty and Long-Term Contribution Bonuses since the program began in 2007. In addition, Melaleuca pays many other types of bonuses each year such as profit sharing, recognition awards, and incentives based on performance and productivity.

“It is so amazing to work for a company that invests in its employees for the long haul,” said Kelly Taylor, a senior graphic designer who has been with Melaleuca for twenty years and received a $20,000 net check. “It has been awesome to watch Melaleuca grow over the past 20 years, and I’m proud to have been a part of that!”

More than 1,000 Melaleuca employees have experienced the joy of receiving a sizeable longevity bonus check. Now operating in its 37th year, Melaleuca has grown to 4,903 employees worldwide with 2,424 employees in the United States.

Retire as a Millionaire

Prior to distributing the longevity bonuses, Frank and other company executives met with bonus recipients. They expressed appreciation for their years of service and encourage them to plan for retirement with the money they receive.

“It’s our goal that all Melaleuca employees will retire as millionaires,” Frank said.

Every 30-year employee has the opportunity to save over $1 million for retirement from Melaleuca. An employee would only need to take advantage of the company’s 401(k) matching program, invest their longevity bonuses, and achieve a modest rate of return on that investment.

“Just take that money and invest it wisely and safely,” Frank advised. “The number one investing secret is to start now. You want that money to compound as long as it can. They say that those who understand interest earn it, and those who don’t understand it pay it.”

Forbes names Melaleuca a great place to work

Melaleuca’s Hero Bonuses and its Loyalty and Long-Term Contribution Bonuses are just a few of the perks that Melaleuca offers.

For these bonus programs and many other factors, this year Forbes magazine has not only recognized Melaleuca as one of America’s Best Employers, but also as one of America’s Best Employers for Women.

These prestigious national awards are based on scores compiled from tens of thousands of anonymous surveys of American workers. Fewer than one percent of American companies are recognized by these lists, which analyzed categories such as company reputation, work environment, compensation, benefits, growth opportunities, workplace culture, and more.

Anecdotally, employees highlight Melaleuca’s culture, which provides numerous all-expense paid vacations, high-end electronics, and gift certificates to local businesses. Melaleuca hosts an annual picnic with free helicopter rides, all-you-can-eat food and a full-scale carnival; a festive Halloween celebration for employees’ children and grandchildren; and a Christmas party with world-class entertainment for employees and spouses. Employees also appreciate the company’s investment to subsidize its employee restaurant, fitness center, and childcare facility.

Melaleuca currently has several job openings, ranging from part- and full-time machine and call center operators to scientists, analysts, engineers, project managers, web developers, art designers, and more. Those interested should visit

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