Melaleuca CEO Speaks to Idaho State University’s Business Students

Melaleuca CEO Speaks to Idaho State University’s Business Students

Melaleuca CEO Speaks to Idaho State University’s Business Students

Sharing four keys to having a great life, Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot addressed a packed house of students and faculty at Idaho State University (ISU)’s College of Business on March 29.

VanderSloot’s 45-minute speech and Q&A session, posted on and highlighted in the Idaho State Journal and Local News 8, was part of the ISU College of Business Wells Fargo Speaker Series.

His four keys to happiness in life are:

  1. good health
  2. loving relationships with family and friends
  3. sufficient resources
  4. staying true to a moral code

He admonished students to take care of their health and appreciate individuals who truly care about their welfare.

“We need to invest in those kind of relationships,” VanderSloot said. “They take time. They take commitment. They take sacrifice. But we can’t, we won’t, have a great life unless we find that kind of love in our lives.”

VanderSloot defined “resources” as having the ability to “go, do, experience and build,” as opposed to merely accumulating wealth.

When discussing the importance of following a moral code, VanderSloot said he’s learned that every person, regardless of nation, culture or religion, has an understanding of what is right and wrong.

“Honesty—we all value that,” VanderSloot said. “And we will like who we are only if we live within the boundaries of what we believe is right and wrong.”

VanderSloot coached business students to take their studies seriously, consistently set goals, gain experience through high-quality internships, and develop a mindset of helping others reach their goals.

“I’m honored that we could welcome Frank VanderSloot to Idaho State University today,” said ISU President Arthur Vailas. “Frank epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit, and I’m pleased that he could share a few words of wisdom with our business students.”

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