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Easily one of the most recognizable companies in east Idaho, Melaleuca is a company that makes health, beauty and cleaning products.

"Melaleuca sells wellness related and environmentally related products. We focus on safe, natural and effective products," said Frank VanderSloot, chief executive officer of Melaleuca.

The company mission statement is 'Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.' One way that Melaleuca fulfills this mission statement is by valuing its employees.

Good employers continuously work to improve the lives of their employees. In addition to the typically expected benefits package, Melaleuca provides many additional benefits to its employees. For example, employees are given a large bonus every five years.

"We reward longevity; we value those who are willing to stick with us," VanderSloot said.

Employees include profit sharing, and onsite fitness center, and even onsite childcare facilities. About the childcare facilities VanderSloot says, "It's not just a fun place, the kids are actually learning something there."

Subsidized childcare isn't the only reason to work for Melaleuca. The company is also one of the most secure jobs in east Idaho.

"In 27 years, Melaleuca has never had a layoff," said VanderSloot. These secure jobs tend to be jobs that pay well. Many of them are professional jobs. "Except for the hospital and the site, we have more high paying jobs than any other place in east Idaho," said VanderSloot. "We've been successful financially. So we like to pass that on to our employees."

The management of Melaleuca continually strives to have an open communication with its employees.

"We just completed an employee attitude survey. Our employee feedback is that they are engaged and successful," said VanderSloot.

Many of the employees at Melaleuca have been with the company for many years. "We're a better company because they know what they are doing," he said.

When you work at melaleuca, it's not all work and no play. The company hosts several parties and company get togethers throughout the year.

"For the Christmas party, we bring in nationally known talent," said VanderSloot.

Employees also go to the summer picnic where they can win prizes and relax for the day. Melaleuca and its employees also support many good causes like the Boy Scouts, YMCA, United Way, and more.

As a company Melaleuca is always trying to find ways to support and encourage its employees.

"We want to be a great place to work," said Vandersloot.

For Melaleuca, that means providing a way to work out at the office and giving out bonuses to those who are loyal to the company. The wellness company knows that its employees help to make the company what it is.

"We really value these people. They help to make us a success," VanderSloot said.

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