East Idaho News: Local business leader helps community with CEO Pay it Forward Challenge

Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot has joined a growing movement of business leaders who are doing something special for nonprofits as part of the Pay it Forward Challenge. 

An article in EastIdahoNews.com discussed Melaleuca’s involvement in making the world a better place at a time when nonprofits were struggling due to a dramatic drop in fundraising during the pandemic.

With its start in the Boise area a few months ago, the Idaho CEO Pay it Forward Challenge has made its way to eastern Idaho, with CEOs participating in what some have described as an “ice-bucket-type” donation challenge. 

When challenged by Blue Cross of Idaho CEO Charlene Maher, Frank joined in by donating two EVA specialized forensic cameras, priced at $10,800, to the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center, and arranging to have a new climate-controlled drop-off shed constructed for the Idaho Falls Community Food Bank.

“I’m usually not left speechless, but when (I learned) that Mr. VanderSloot had chosen us for the CEO challenge and was donating not just one but two of these cameras . . . it was just an amazing feeling,” Teena McBride, Executive Director of the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center, said in an East Idaho News interview. “It was just like, ‘Wow. That is so awesome.’”​

To support the local food bank, Melaleuca constructed a shed that is insulated and has lighting, a heater, a freezer, and shelving.

“I never thought I’d be excited about a shed but I’m excited,” said Aeriel Jackson, Executive Director of Idaho Falls Community Food Basket. “You can put your food in there and know we’re going to get to it the next day. It will be temperature-controlled and we have never had that. I’m grateful to Melaleuca for their support in feeding the hungry.”

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