Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot just set a new world record and a new American record in the 100-meter row on the Concept 2 Rower in his age group (60 to 69 years old.)… It’s noteworthy that he set this new world record just six months before he turned 70. Almost all world records within age groups are set by the youngest people within the age group – in other words when they first enter the age group. It is generally accepted that the younger people within the age group have a tremendous advantage. This appears to be the first time that any record has been set in the category by a 69 year old.

The Concept 2 Rower is the rower of choice that is used across America in most CrossFit gyms. World records are carefully verified before they are posted by Concept 2 authorities. Frank originally set the record in February, but Frank was only recently notified that it was officially a new world record. Frank rowed the 100 meters in 14.4 seconds. In doing so, he broke his own world record of 14.6 seconds that he set two years ago at 67 years of age. It is the norm that after reaching 40 years old, rowers and other athletes decrease in strength and stamina from one year to the next. It’s highly unusual for someone over 40 years old to improve one’s personal best in rowing from a previous year, let alone established a new world record.

Most rowing records are held by professional rowers and members of rowing clubs who have been rowing their entire careers since their youth and are known internationally. There is a heavyweight division and a lightweight division in each age category. There is a “stationary rower” category and a “with slides” category. Frank most often rows with slides, which more closely emulates rowing a boat on water. He rows in the heavyweight division.

Frank attributes his success to Melaleuca’s Peak Performance Pack, which he has been taking faithfully since its introduction in 2015. He notes that he has a desk job and has never been an athlete. He only began rowing about five years ago as a part of his workout routine in his own home. He works out about twice a week and then only for about 30 minutes. He says that there is no reason in the world that he should hold any world record other than he takes the Peak Performance Pack every night and every morning.

Frank also holds the world record for the one-minute row on slides, which he established in 2016 by rowing 367 yards in 60 seconds. He also holds the American record for the 100-meter row on both the stationary rower and on slides.…/racing/records/american…

Melaleuca states that the Peak Performance Pack is formulated to curb free radicals and therefore help people “stay younger longer.” In the case of Frank VanderSloot, it appears to be working.

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