Career Advancement at Melaleuca: One Employee at a Time

Career advancement at Melaleuca: One employee at a time

A few years ago, Wayne Billman worked as a technician in Melaleuca’s Idaho Falls manufacturing plant. Recognizing Wayne’s raw talent, work ethic and willingness to take on new challenges, the company has promoted him 13 times across several departments. Today, he oversees more than 1,000 employees as a global director.

Because Wayne keeps advancing so rapidly, some joke that he can’t hold a job at Melaleuca for long. But Wayne’s story is far from unique. Last year alone, there were 380 internal promotions at Melaleuca.

“We’ve had cooks become analysts, forklift drivers develop into scientists and team members from the call centers rise to become vice presidents,” said Melaleuca Chief of Staff Cole Clinger. “Their stories are not the exception. Melaleuca actively trains and develops employees for and then promotes them to different positions based on their talent and potential.”

In fact, many of Melaleuca’s top managers actually started in the Rexburg and Idaho Falls call centers and manufacturing plants before accepting full-time positions at the global headquarters.

“When employees work in the call center, they gain remarkable insight into our business,” said Melaleuca’s Director of Customer Care Ben Sweetwood. “Then, when they advance into leadership positions, they are extremely valuable because they apply what they learned. They contribute at a higher level and make better decisions because of their experience and interaction with our customers.”

This kind of culture, one that nourishes employee growth and advancement, doesn’t happen by accident. Although the company acknowledges how difficult it is to make the team, it invests heavily in the growth and development of each individual it hires.

One of the many ways the company does this is by ensuring every employee is in a position that best suits their talents. Recently, Melaleuca held an internal career fair to inform employees about career opportunities within the company. The two-day career fair, held in both Rexburg and Idaho Falls, connected supervisors from every department with interested employees from all throughout the company.

Melaleuca’s internal career fair was an ideal way for its 2,000 Idaho employees to learn about the numerous opportunities that each department offers. The event provided exposure to those looking for a career growth within the company.

Several attendees were surprised to learn just how many different career paths exist within Melaleuca.

“I walked in expecting to find maybe one or two jobs that I might be qualified for, but I left with a whole list of jobs that really interested me that I can apply for now,” said Dani Uptergrove, a receptionist at the Melaleuca fitness center. “And I realized that with a little more development, the opportunities available to me right here at Melaleuca are nearly endless.”

When an employee saw a particular job that interested them, they learned what skills would be required, job responsibilities, the career ladder and salary range. Managers spotted prospective talent and held initial interviews during the event.

“At Melaleuca, we want to hire the best and the brightest employees available and then work with them to ensure that they reach their full potential,” said Clinger. “Part of this process is helping them find the right position where they can truly excel.”

Melaleuca’s employees are exceptionally loyal. Nothing illustrates this more than the hundreds of employees who walk the stage each year at Melaleuca’s Employee Meeting to receive their Loyal & Longevity Bonus. Employees receive this bonus every 5 years as a reward for their contribution and dedication. At 5 years, employees receive a $5,000 check, at 10 years a $10,000 check and so on. Melaleuca has paid over $20 million in Loyalty & Longevity Bonuses to over 1,200 employees in the last 10 years.

“I’m just one example of an employee who’s been recognized, rewarded and promoted. There are hundreds more just like me,” said Billman. “Every day, I look around and see how much Melaleuca does for its employees, and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and that they took a chance on me”

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