Better Homes and Gardens highlights Sol-U-Guard’s effectiveness against COVID-19

Melaleuca sol-u-guard

As the world continues its full-court press against COVID-19, more people are taking note of Melaleuca’s products to aid in slowing the virus’s spread.

Better Homes and Gardens is the latest of several publications to highlight Sol-U-Guard as an effective, environmentally-friendly disinfectant for use against the coronavirus. In an article published on its website, which reaches 2.3 million readers each month, Better Homes and Gardens points to Sol-U-Guard’s inclusion on the EPA’s approved list of products, and gives particular attention to the central role thyme oil plays in Sol-U-Guard’s ability to pack a punch against the virus.

Sol-U-Guard stands apart from the majority of other EPA-approved disinfectants because it relies on the natural disinfecting powers of thyme oil and citric acid instead of bleach

“You already know how important it is to sanitize your home to help prevent the spread of coronavirus,” the Better Homes and Gardens article begins. “But until recently that meant using bleach. Recently, however, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has added three household cleaners containing the ingredient “thymol” to their list of approved coronavirus-killing products.”

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In addition to the Better Homes and Gardens article,, which reaches 1 million readers each month, acknowledged the EPA’s nod toward Sol-U-Guard’s use against coronavirus. “There’s another brand called Melaleuca that may be worth looking into,” the author wrote. “Made with citric acid and thymol, it’s a botanical solution that’s powerful enough to disinfect your entire home.”

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