ABC TV Station Interviews 35-Year Melaleuca Team Member, Talks Longevity

Melaleuca Employees celebrating 35 years longevity with Frank VanderSloot

On Nov. 29, 2023, ABC television affiliate Local News 8 (KIFI-TV) ran a story about Melaleuca’s recent team meeting, in which The Wellness Company awarded over $3.4 million in Longevity and Long-Term Contribution Bonuses to 230 Team Members. The bonuses begin at $5,000 for 5 years with the company, $10,000 for 10 years, and so on.

“Melaleuca loves to share the wealth with our Team Members who go the distance with us,” said Melaleuca Executive Chairman Frank VanderSloot during the annual Team Member meeting. 

This year, two Team Members were overjoyed to receive a $35,000 bonus to celebrate 35 years with Melaleuca.

One of these employees was Brandie Miller who has loved being a Melaleuca Team Member. Her tenure with Melaleuca began when, as a young adult, she saw Frank VanderSloot walking out of what was then Melaleuca headquarters in downtown Idaho Falls.

She ran across the street, introduced herself, and boldly informed him that he needed to hire her. Naturally, he asked why he should give her a job. 

Brandie’s response was concise and prophetic. “Because I will make Melaleuca a lifetime commitment,” she enthusiastically said.

Her answer resonated. In fact, Frank hired her on the spot and told her to begin work on Monday.

Brandie Miller is interviewed by a Local News 8 reporter

Brandie has been true to that commitment and has been grateful for it ever since.

When speaking with Channel 8 reporter Kailey Galviz, Brandie said he loves the camaraderie and sense of family she feels at Melaleuca. The company’s mission to enhance lives intrigued her when she wanted a job with the company 35 years ago, and she has continued to love the mission as she has seen the company and its Team Members live it throughout the years.

Brandi has made good use of various Melaleuca perks, including the on-site fitness center, where she frequently attends a boot camp class and enjoys close friendships with the other participants. Earlier this month, she had the opportunity to attend a Utah Jazz basketball game with tickets she got from work.

She enjoyed an Alaskan fishing trip with Frank and his family, and she has also traveled to Hawaii on an all-expense paid trip.

Last month, Brandie participated in a free Caribbean cruise with other employees and Melaleuca Marketing Executives. 

Brandie is only one of thousands of employees who love working at Melaleuca. Her Melaleuca journey is unique but also reflective of what many in the company enjoy and experience while working for The Wellness Company.

Melaleuca appreciates outstanding, loyal Team Members like Brandie and looks forward to many more years of awarding longevity bonuses.