News Releases

The 21st Annual Melaleuca Freedom Celebration: One of America’s Biggest 4th of July Fireworks Shows

Idaho actually delivers one of America’s biggest Independence Day fireworks shows.

Melaleuca’s New Weight Loss Guide Teaches Easy-to-Follow Plan, Helps People Shed Thousands of Pounds

Excess fat touches more than just your waistband.

Melaleuca Launches Free Wellness Magazine to Help People Live a Healthier Lifestyle

“This magazine is designed to be like a friend who supports and encourages you through every step of your wellness journey.”

New Presidents’ Day Infographic Celebrates Leaders of our Nation

In honor of Presidents Day on Feb. 18, the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration created an infographic that depicts all 44 U.S. Presidents.

Melaleuca Unveils New 371,000 Square Foot International Corporate Office

The new facility will house all of Melaleuca’s international and domestic operations except for manufacturing and distribution.

Melaleuca Rewards 264 Employees with $2.64 Million in Appreciation Bonuses

The bonuses are part of Melaleuca’s ongoing effort to reward the employees who created the company’s success.