News Releases

Melaleuca Rolls Out New Compensation Plan

The focus of the event was the rollout of a more lucrative compensation plan.

Melaleuca Expands Its Global Presence By Going To Mexico

By going south of the border, Melaleuca’s efforts have been quickly rewarded.

Melaleuca Celebrates the Holidays by Filling Pantries and Donating Toys to 330 Children

Melaleuca and hundreds of its employees have been quietly spreading holiday cheer around Southeast Idaho.

Melaleuca Rolls Out New Compensation Plan

A highlight at Melaleuca’s annual convention was the celebration of those who have paid off their home mortgages in the last year.

Melaleuca Rewards 265 Employees with $2.9 Million In Appreciation Bonuses

All full- and part-time employees, regardless of position or pay level, qualify for this loyalty and long-term contribution bonus simply based on the employee’s length of service.

Frank and Belinda VanderSloot Receive Preservation Award From Bonneville County Heritage Association

The award honors Frank and Belinda for their efforts in completely restoring the historic New Sweden School building.