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Melaleuca Booming

The company says many of their offices are bursting at the seams, and plans for future development.

A Katrina Family Two Years Later

The displaced family was brought to Idaho Falls by Melaleuca President Frank VanderSloot.

Melaleuca and its employees

Melaleuca has an impressive daycare for employees’ children, a cafeteria that the company subsidizes to keep food inexpensive, and there’s an extensive workout facility.

Melaleuca leader enjoys rural roots

“I liked people, but just kept quiet,” he said. “I ran track but was not a socializer.

Melaleuca continues 20-year growth streak, sales top $702 million

Idaho Business Review | Melaleuca, The Wellness Company, a manufacturer of 350 health and wellness products sold directly to consumers around the world, recently reached a milestone by setting a new total-sales record in each of its first 20 years. Melaleuca increased its gross sales by 11 percent last year to $702 million, from $634

Hall of Fame Profile: Frank L. Vandersloot

The company’s five-year run on the Inc. 500 began in 1990.