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Melaleuca CEO says revenues, sales force on rise

“More people are interested in some fallback income, some secondary income,” VanderSloot said

Taiwanese visitors see snow for the first time

“One out of every 42 homes in Taiwan is a Melaleuca preferred customer and that means they buy from us every single month,” says Vandersloot.

Melaleuca up $28-million in sales

“This has been a great history for us to be here and we believe in the future of Idaho Falls,” says Frank Vandersloot, CEO of Melaleuca.

Frank VanderSloot: From Rags to Riches

Most Eastern Idahoans recognize him from Melaleuca or the big Independence Day fireworks program held every year in Idaho Falls.

Frank VanderSloot: Speaking his mind

If there’s a major issue that affects Eastern Idaho, chances are Frank VanderSloot has an opinion about it.

Frank VanderSloot: Wife, family, and future

“If you’re gonna step out and take an active role in the community, part of the price you pay is publicity whether you want it or not,” says VanderSloot.