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Nutritious Growth: New Technology Fueling Success at Melaleuca

There are plenty of successful companies that were founded in Idaho, but only a very small handful can also call themselves successful across the globe.

Melaleuca: Area Company That Sells Cleaning Products Internationally Was ‘Green’ Before It Was Popular

Melaleuca created products with the goal of leaving no signs of harm behind.

Post Register: Melaleuca Awarded A Top Place To Work

“We reward longevity; we value those who are willing to stick with us,” VanderSloot said.

Melaleuca Shares Reason Behind Success

A well-known local company is saying their consumer-direct marketing business model is helping them flourish.

Melaleuca Announces $1.13 Billion in Sales for 2012

Melaleuca announced Monday that its worldwide sales for 2012 were up 9.2 percent, amounting to $1.13 billion.

Another Record Year in Sales for Melaleuca

Consumer direct marketing company Melaleuca, announced annual revenues of $1.13-billion for calendar year 2012.