Business Model

Melaleuca Rolls Out New Compensation Plan

The focus of the event was the rollout of a more lucrative compensation plan.

From production to delivery, Melaleuca looks after environment

“We’ve been unique for years and years,” said Hollander. “No one was looking to do what we do, but we do the right thing.”

Nutritious Growth: New Technology Fueling Success at Melaleuca

There are plenty of successful companies that were founded in Idaho, but only a very small handful can also call themselves successful across the globe.

Post Register: Melaleuca Hits Record $1.13 Billion

Idaho Falls’ largest employer increased its revenue about 9 percent from 2011, when it reached $1 billion in global sales for the first time.

Post Register: Expansion to Bring In Jobs

Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot announced Tuesday that his company will spend more than $50 million building a new headquarters within Bonneville County.

Melaleuca Forecasts Hundreds of New Jobs From Patented Oligo Technology

Since its introduction, Oligo has become Melaleuca’s fastest selling and most popular product in its line of over 350 wellness-related products.